Constable Care makes Learning Fun.

Glenn Rondoni

A long bus trip from White Gum Valley to Maylands did not deter 45 students from years 1 and 2 who were absolutely enthralled by the opportunity to walk and ride around the real life, traffic course.

Many were so excited that they couldn't wait to get home and ask their parents to take them again during a holiday period!

Having the choice of bikes with or without trainer wheels took away any anxiety for this age group. Working with adults to also take the role of various road users made the whole visit very real and fun for them everyone.

These were some of the comments from our riders and pedestrians who took part on the day.

"I loved riding the bikes."

"The important bit was the road rules which I loved."

"It was really, really, really fun doing the pedestrian and dog walker bits."

"My favourite thing was being a construction worker. "

"I liked the mini pretend roads."

"We should go to safety school because you learn interesting stuff like you have to be 145cm to be out of a booster seat."

"I liked walking the baby and riding the bikes."

"I was sooooooo excited by the interesting stuff."

"I nearly fainted with joy."

"My favourite part was going through the tunnel in the bus."

"We got to ride on real roads and roundabouts. There were real rail tracks too."

This excursion taught so many concepts on road safety in a safe environment for this age group. It was the perfect foundation for future class lessons on the safety aspects of walking/riding to and from school.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Glenn. Thanks for sharing all those excited comments of the kids and also some of the elements of the Constable Care excursion - I didn't know that their were babies that the students could "walk" 😂! You received 50 points for this excursion in your previous story, but I have just added another 15 points for all these extra details and for including the students' perspectives. Have a great holiday and see you next year!

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