Our Cycle/Walk/Scooter to school initiative saw at least 102 students use another form of transport all or part of the way to school. On arriving, students enjoyed a snack and participated in the free raffle. Many of the prizes were supplied through points earnt being part of the ‘Your Move’ initiative through the Department of Transport. Prizes included story books and mini bike pumps.

FANTASTIC EFFORT EVERYONE! Also being acknowledged was the National Day against Bullying. This year students were encouraged to write slogans with chalk on card. Here are some of these creative responses:

  • ‘Swearing isn’t caring!’
  • ‘Be strong and brave against bullies.’
  • ‘Stand up for you and others you know!’
  • ‘We are stronger than bullies!’

On Friday the 20th of March our students, through the collection of points from Bike Education activities last year, have qualified for a free Service for their bike. While aimed primarily at older students we will explore how many can be seen on the day. 

This story is related to National Ride2School Day

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James (Your Move)

Hi Glenn and everyone at White Gum Valley - good to see you back on the block with Your Move in 2020! I'm glad you didn't let your Ride/Walk/Scoot to School event slip though the cracks - 102 participants is a great result and the activity has earned you 40 Your Move points (you also got a little 5 point bonus for sharing the participation numbers). You also got 22 points for posting a Your Move story in your school newsletter. Great that you managed to link the event in with the anti-bully day too.

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