Last week our Year 5 students, accompanied by our Your Move Ambassadors, travelled from Fremantle to the Constable Care Safety School in Maylands.

The centre provides a real-world learning experience, to educate students about road safety in a hands-on way.

Students learnt about how to ride bikes safely, including recognising road-signs, and navigating major hazards including train and pedestrian crossings.

After learning about how to select and wear a helmet, looking for things on the bike that may need attention, and road rules – the students hit the mini-road (complete with signs and traffic lights!) to test their knowledge. Students took turns to be pedestrians while the others rode bikes.

Students were also able to explore the workings of a railway station while waiting for a train!

Some of our Your Move Ambassadors told us what they enjoyed the most about the excursion.

‘I really loved the bike riding and learning how to be a good pedestrian’, one explained.

‘It was really fun and educational at the same time! I learnt tons of new things that I can use everyday. I loved the outside setting because it looks exactly like real life’, said another.

The Your Move Ambassadors have been very busy this term, and are looking forward to introducing the school to the upcoming Bike Repair Day on the last day of term.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Nyanda - I think it is about time I had another visit to the Safety School, it is always so much fun 😁! White Gum Valley PS has earned 50 points for this excursion and you have earned another 20 points for your engaging story. See you soon 😊.

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