Eight exceptional Year 6 students have formed our 2022 Your Move Ambassador team!

The group had their first meeting in Term One to become familiar with the activities undertaken by the 2021 team.

While last year's ambassadors set the bar high - this year's team are just as committed!

The ambassadors are currently formulating a timetable of activities for each term. Their first job was to survey the different ways that our students travel to school each day.

One of the ambassadors explained what the role means to her. 'It's fun, and a way for us Year 6's to be a part of something and have an important role in our school. Our job is to encourage younger kids to be healthy and get to school in a safe manner.'

She added that she had been walking or riding to school since she was in Kindy. 'I walk or ride to school and I have been doing this for a long time now. I love how our school has kids coming from all directions in the morning and being part of a team that helps kids do this really inspires me.'

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James (Your Move)

A big welcome to the Year 6s to the Your Move team 😃! It sounds like they have really dived in - make sure you let us know when the team have finalised their activities plan for the year and they'll earn points for that. They have already earned 60 points for joining the team and you Nyanda have earned another 15 for the details of their first meeting and sharing your young ambassador's perspective - I'm glad to hear about the benefits she preceives of being in the team 🤩.

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