The threat of rain didn’t deter 60% of White Gum Valley Primary School students, who took to the pavement for National Walk to School Safely day.

Some students who lived far from the school organised for their parents to park at local parks, so they could walk from there.

Students were greeted at the school with a free raffle in the shape of a giant foot! They were also provided ‘National Walk to School Safely’ temporary tattoos, and a nutritious refuelling snack of fruit and wholemeal breadsticks with cream cheese.

A footprint card was provided for students to write what the word 'healthy' meant to them, in ten words or less. The card was then pinned up for students to read at recess.

Some of the statements penned by students included:

‘Healthy means…

… that you exercise every day and eat vegetables and fruit.’

… to be fit and happy, good natured and joyful.’

… fit, strong and smart.’

… to be here and enjoy the moment.’

… staying fit and having fun.’

… to have exercise and have a healthy diet.’

… eating good food.’

… that you are strong.’

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James (Your Move)

Hi Nyanda! Ah - being healthy is "to be fit and happy, good natured and joyful" - that wisdom from one of your students has just made my day. Those words are so uplifting! Thanks for sharing all those gems from your NWS2SD event. It has earned you 40 points, plus 25 for including a Park & Walk on the day. I have also given you another 10 for the smile inducing nature of your story!

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Nyanda, so interesting to read what being healthy means to the kids. Great story.

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