Students from year six were excited to join the new team in 2023 after seeing what the previous team had been able to achieve. New bike racks, pump station, route map to school, footpath markings, visits to the bike training centre and bike check days were among the interesting activities.

We are a group of 19 who will have various jobs to do to tell everyone about riding during the year. We hope to do a lot of activities in groups to earn rewards. During the first term we met and have been involved with the travel to school breakfast, undertook a travel survey and encouraged everyone to use our new bike and scooter racks.

Recently everyone got together to look at the new location for our Your Move board and to add the 2022 Gold sticker. We are now able to share with other classes what it means.

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James (Your Move)

The more the merrier! I'm sure Mr Rondini will help all 19 of you stay busy in the best possible ways😉. You have all earned 60 points for forming the 2023 Student Team and Mr Rondini has earned another 10 points for letting us know all that you have been up to so far. Remember if you have a ceremony for celebration of your new accreditation level sticker on the sign you can earn more points!

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