White Gum Valley students have been learning about road safety in a number of exciting ways.

Students from Pre-primary to Year 2 were recently visited by the RAC, where they took part in activities based on crossing the road safely, and learnt about the role of traffic lights.

The interactive activities were a hit. “I liked the mat we used to show how a crosswalk works,” a student explained.

The messages also clearly resonated. “It is important to look both ways before crossing a road”, a student described. “The traffic lights are like the traffic lights we use for getting food from the canteen,” said another.

The incursion was a perfect preparation for another initiative by the school. Pre-primary students have just received a brand-new set of trikes and helmets.

A parent assisted with building the new trikes, with students watching on to learn how the machines are constructed.

To maximise real-world learning with the trikes, the school is establishing a road course to practise simple road rules.

“These activities will then give students a sound grounding as they get older and move onto bike riding as a leisure activity and as a means of getting to and from school,” said Principal Glenn Rondoni.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Nyanda. Yes, this sounds like the perfect combination! Great to hear how much everyone enjoyed the RAC incursion, and I'm very happy to hear you had help on hand for the trike assembly! You have earned 25 points for the incursion, 25 points for setting up a trike fleet and a bonus 20 points for sharing so much info. Don't forget to let us know if you follow this up with any SDERA road safety activities or perhaps if you share all this good news in the school newsletter.

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