White Gum Valley Primary School has been running breakfasts for riders and other children who walk, scooter or skate to school for over 10 years. One year we even had someone turn up to school on a horse! Our next breakfast will be in October.

Once everyone arrives to school on our breakfast mornings they are greeted by a snack of fruit and other foods. There are also lamingtons, but they are cut in half and rationed to one for each of us! After recovering, everyone filled their name on the raffle chart. This year the prizes were fantastic. We got them from the Your Move rewards shop from our points collected in 2022. There was a bike shop voucher for $50.00, mini-bike pumps, clear plastic Your Move umbrellas and some bike riding story books. The morning was also an opportunity for students to be involved in a display for Harmony Week. Everyone had the opportunity to put up a message on little sticky notes as they ate their snacks.

Where students lived far away, some got dropped off at local parks and walked, rode, scootered or skated the rest of the way to school. This still gave them some exercise before school. Many parents enjoyed a walk too.

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James (Your Move)

Ooooh- I could do with some of that watermelon right now 🍉! What a super breakfast. Nice that you linked the event to harmony day - was the writing activity with the circles related to that? You have earned 40 points for your NR2SD event, plus 10 for the story details.

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