School Newsletter Article-Term Three.

Glenn Rondoni

Image [First of two articles for our school newsletter after attending the 'Your Move' workshop with Department of Transport staff and Dr Jane Geovese.]

Our school is part of the Your Move’ program promoted through the Department of Transport. We are one of about 80 schools along with other groups and organisations which promote, varying the forms of transport to work places. At White Gum Valley the school provides a before school breakfast snack and free raffle three times a year to encourage families to explore other ways of coming to school. Our students have access to bike and scooter racks as well as a bike shed.

There are many health benefits to walk [all or part way], cycle or scooter to school, even if this is undertaken once/twice a fortnight. Less cars around the school perimeter during busy periods is also a benefit.

Our 40 Pre Primary students will be using public transport to travel into the City of Fremantle for an excursion before the end of term. This will give students the opportunity to learn about public transport options in the harbour city.

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How fantastic that the pre-primary students will be using active transport - perfect way to get them started early!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Glenn - thanks for sharing your school newsletter story. You got 22 points for putting a YM story in the newsletter and an extra 10 points for including a copy of the story. It's great to hear of all the great things WGV is up to.

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