Over 40% of White Gum Valley students rode and walked to school to celebrate National Ride2School Day!

Students were greeted with a healthy breakfast at the school on arrival to reward their efforts. A raffle saw students win prizes including bike pumps, cycling books and slap-on wrist bands from the YourMove program.

‘We had a wonderful turn-out. Over 130 students registered for the raffle,’ said Principal Glenn Rondoni. ‘I counted in excess of 45 bikes and 10 scooters, plus one pair of rollerblades!’

One student described the event as a fun opportunity to travel to school with others. ‘I really like riding to school with friends. I enjoy the freedom of being able to get to school on my own,’ she said.

For another, travelling by bike was a brand-new experience. ‘It was the very first time I have ridden to school, and it was a good day to do it!’, he explained.

Others chose to walk to mark the occasion. ‘I enjoyed walking so I could be outside and feel the wind rather than being in a car’, shared a student.

For everyone, it was an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of starting the day by riding or walking: fresh air, time with friends, and physical activity. Not to mention a delicious breakfast!

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Thanks Nyanda!!!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Nyanda - and welcome to Your Move Schools! I'm James and I review stories posted to help you get the most from the program and to ensure you don't miss out on any points. You have done an amazing job on what I think is your first story. You have really captured the day with your detailed and engaging description (that earns you 20 bonus points). Including student input earns another 5 points, as does sharing your participation numbers. And that of course is on top of the 40 points for running a brilliant R2SD event!

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Nyanda, I love the quotes from the students, great story. Riding a bike is often associated with that joyous sense of freedom for kids.

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