Survey Results for 2019!

Kylie (Your Move) Murphy

White Gum Valley recently completed our end of year survey and the results are in - we have decreased car trips by 9%!

Our Principal, Glenn, shared the results in our latest newsletter as part of the Principal's message. This is what he wrote:

Each Year the school encourages students to walk, cycle or scoot part way or all of the way to school during ‘Walk to School’ and ‘Cycle to School’ days. We are also part of the Department of Transport Initiative, ‘Your Move’ where we post articles on various events that happen at school to look at various forms of transport for fitness and health. One of the tasks each year is to have the students fill out Travel to School surveys. Schools earn points towards a range of rewards like incursions and cycling equipment.

We have been measuring how White Gum Valley students get to school since 2017. On Wednesday 13 November we completed our annual end of year hands up survey to see how students get to school.

Over the course of this year we have managed to decrease driving by 9% and increase walking, cycling and people using public transport. Well done White Gum Valley. Kids who walk or cycle to school get more physical activity which leads to positive learning and health outcomes. We realise that sometimes driving your kids to school is the most convenient option but please consider if there are one or two trips you could swap? More people walking and cycling increases social connections in communities and makes it safe for everyone. Some families park a distance from the school and then make their way from there.

It is great to see the increase in cycling and slight drop in driving during our student surveys.

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James (Your Move)

That's great news Kylie, Glenn and all of WGV! On top of the 22 points for posting this in your newsletter I have given you a bonus of 10 for including the text - it is great to see it coming from your Principal and that he really understands the program.

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