White Gum Valley Rides2School (a week early)

Kylie (Your Move) Murphy

We decided to run our Ride2School Day a week early to coincide with the national Day Against Bullying - because we all know riding to school puts a smile on your dial. :-)


Children who rode or walked to school could help themselves to fruit in the undercover area. They also write their name on our bingo sheet to go in the draw for a small prize. A quick count of the bike racks revealed 40 bikes. It would be great to get even more next time. Maybe we could encourage our school councillors to promote the event?

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Kylie, better still, how about a dedicated YM student Team? There are so many positives to having a student team involved in the planning & running of events.

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James (Your Move)

Nice idea to coincide with Day Against Bullying - bike induced smiling can go a long way!

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Kylie (Your Move)

Arlene, A dedicated YM student team sounds awesome. I'll see what I can do. James, thanks so much for the bonus points. We now have enough points to order a scooter rack for the Pre-Primay area - so excited and will keep you posted.

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Having a teacher involved is a great start to forming a student team, Kylie. I cannot speak highly enough of the benefits (especially to the students themselves) of a student team. But FIRST get a teacher onside!

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great idea

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