White Gum Valley Primary School has established a committee of dedicated Your Move Ambassadors. Throughout 2021, four committed Year 6 students have worked on projects to support the school community to walk or ride to school.

The ambassadors have assisted with implementing the annual Your Move Hands Up Survey, to capture how students are travelling to school, and helped at the school’s Ride/Walk to School breakfasts.

Currently the team are involved with the school’s Your Move Boost grant – looking into mapping routes to and from school with the aim of developing a brochure and a tin plate map for the school wall.

One of the ambassadors described being involved as rewarding on a number of levels. 'It feels like I can help a lot of kids get a better education about bike use, and also we are helping to get more fun things to do for our school.'

Principal Glenn Rondoni explained that a student-lead component provided an additional element to the school’s adoption of the Your Move Program. ‘The assistance of senior students promoting healthy attitudes like cycling and walking is having a positive impact on students in the younger years. Looking to 2022 we will expand the committee to collect ideas from students in various year groups.’

Image: During the year the Your Move ambassadors have helped at the school’s Ride/Walk to School breakfasts.

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Kylie (Your Move)

That is such great news Nyanda! Student teams really are the magic note that makes Your Move really sing at a school.

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James (Your Move)

Your year 6 Ambassadors are keeping themselves very busy by the sounds of things Nyanda! Great to hear that you have plans to expand the committee next year too. You have earned 60 points for getting together your ambassador committee and another 20 points for giving us a jam packed update of all their activities. I look forward to reading about how the mapping activity progresses 😊.

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