Ride2School Day (last minute) success!

Tracey Wilkinson

The inspiration: with only 1 day notice, over 200 Willetton Primary school students rode, skated or scooted on National Ride2School Day, Friday March 17. That's over a third of all our students! A raffle was run, bike accessory prizes were generously donated by two local bike shops. We are now working to build on this momentum so that our bike racks look like this every day!

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Katy (Your Move)

Wow Willetton Primary School - if that is what you can achieve with one days notice imagine what you can achieve with a bit of a plan for the rest of the year! This is a great result for your school that should be celebrated! Congrats. We look forward to working with you in Term 2! Next steps would be to complete a baseline hands up survey (see resource section) early in Term 2. This is a task that student leaders can help with and will give you a great baseline for how your school travels.

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That's definitely our next step. Thanks for the suppprt and encouragement from the workshop the other week

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