Wheels Wednesday: Willetton PS celebrates Ride2School Day

Tracey Wilkinson
Willetton Primary School

“ There were bikes. Bikes everywhere. Bikes as far as the eye could see." (Extract from scientific field journal, dated Wednesday 21 March 2018.)

“ The bikes arrived with a previously unexperienced plague of exuberant giddiness and vibrant energy which emitted from these odd beings which were transported on their backs.
These beings were varied: some undeveloped and secured like cargo into cabooses and small seats; some were aged and filled with elevated oxygen levels; and the majority of beings were of pre-pubescent development.
They travelled in pairs and groups, seemingly unconcerned, in fact buoyed, by being transported by these pedal-powered vehicles! The intense heat did not deter them in any way. I counted 234 of them.

As they neared, it became apparent that these animated creatures were actually in control of the bikes; not captives being transported as originally assumed. For the wheeled vehicles were secured and restrained to a vintage racking system, left to wait patiently for their owner to return. The sheer quantity was astounding and additional parking facilities were haphazardly facilitated by nearby vegetation – namely trees and small bushes.
I managed to find a path around the vast array of bikes and, with caution, interacted with several pre-pubescent beings and was pleased to discover we shared the same language. They spoke of ‘Wheels Wednesday’ and ‘Bike Week’ and regaled stories of ‘increased energy, fun and excitement’.

As I made my way from the many groups of chatting small beings and out of the fenced facility I was approached by a being more senior in years who excitedly claimed “Wheels Wednesday has changed my view about riding to school against a drive.... it’s easy, healthy and enjoyable... we are going to do more riding from now on!”

Around us was a near-deserted parking facility for motorised vehicles, much larger than bikes. “Where exactly am I?” I queried.
“You’re in the car park of Willetton Primary School of course!” came the reply. “Usually there is a queue out onto the street but today most of us are on bikes!”
How intriguing and marvellous I muttered to myself. “
End of field journal entry.

Above: overflowing parking facility for bikes.

Below: near empty parking facilities for cars.

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Love when the penny drops! And love the scientific field journal, WPS! When you have a moment, read Meg McKinlay's "Ten Tiny Things." I have a feeling you will enjoy it!

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Thanks Arlene! We'll check out your recommendation!

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James (Your Move)

What a joy to read! Looking at the photos I'm guessing 234 bike trips is a very large proportion of the journeys to school - well done!

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Thanks James! We were thrilled with the turn-out- about 40% of the school arriving by bike or scooter! :-)

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