All Children Should Walk or Ride to School

Julia Calvert

Room 8 have been busy supporting Your Move. As well as their CO2 Experiment lesson for Science. They have been doing some persuasive writing ... this may have been encouraged by Room 11's persuasive writing program.

In Room 11, we did a Cold Write on the topic of All students should ride their bikes to school. Following this, we learned all about the structure and requirements of a persuasive text by using the model text "Public Transport - Is it the way to go?'

Students wrote their own persuasive during this learning on any topic they wanted. Finally, we did the hot task (assessment) on 'all students should ride their bikes to school'. I was impressed with how much the students had learned as well as their passion for riding and walking to school. This has prompted a student to make a suggestion, which the class are currently working on and will be the subject of a future story!

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James (Your Move)

Hi again Julia. The kids in Rooms 8 and 11 have clearly learned a lot from these pursuasive texts lessons. I love that idea that the animals and plants might thank us for using active travel 😍. You have earned 15 points for creating your own lesson, 10 bonus points for it being such a winner lesson in terms of AT outcomes and another 10 lessons for clearly outlining how it worked. Mmmm - I'm intrigued about this new upcoming idea 😊.

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