Best Dressed & Obstacle Course

Julia Calvert

At the end of Term 2 we hosted a Dress Up and Obstacle Course activity. We were celebrating the bicycles 200th birthday. Students were to dress up a mode of transport that did not run on electricity or have a motor, such as bikes, scooters, skateboards and shoes.

We spent time designing an obstacle course on our netball court. In the obstacle course we had to weave, limbo under a pole, follow lines, go around objects, and just be awesome!

An important part of the day was dressing up your mode of transport and wearing a helmet.

This was a not for profit day. The reason we hosted it was to celebrate bikes and to have fun.

The day ran very smoothly, although there are some things that we will improve on next time. We had over 80 students participate and family and friends join us. This day was very successful!

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Katy (Your Move)

Well done Winterfold Primary - what a great story about an innovative event day for your whole school community. Thank you for sharing your photos and some more information on your special day. I think the Your Move team might need to include the bicycle's birthday on to our Calendar of Events for next year.

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What an awesome story and some great photos Kristie. It sounds like you all had lots of fun using your imagination and getting active to celebrate the bike. It's amazing how little the design of the bike has changed in all that time!

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