Bike Month was a Big One at Winterfold

Julia Calvert
Winterfold Primary School

Dress Up Your Bike Competition and Free School Community Sausage Sizzle
Thanks to Cycle West and the Department of Transport, we received a $500 grant for Bike Month. We put this to good use during the first week of Term 4. As well as the initiatives featured below, we held our Annual Dress Up Your Bike Competition. This year, we also included a Free School Community Sausage Sizzle. This event is always well attended and the crowd certainly enjoyed the community gathering. Students put a lot of effort into the dressed up bikes and it was hard to choose our winners. We had junior and senior winners who won scooters and bike helmets. Runners up also got a prize pack. Our new Principal, Mrs Kim Calabrese, volunteered to run the BBQ with a few other staff. We had a coffee van out front of the school for that early morning pick-me-up for parents. Fremantle Mayor, Ms Hannah Fitzhardinge, came along and enjoyed speaking with staff and parents during the event. She also stayed on to speak at assembly about the importance of Fume Friendly Travel and helped present prizes. A lot of effort goes into these major whole school events and it isn’t a one man job. Thanks to Cycle West and Department of Transport for the grant, my Your Move Team for patrolling the event and handing out stickers and slap straps, Mrs Calabrese and other staff for running the BBQ, Mrs Hannah Fitzhardinge for coming along and supporting our event and all the other staff who came out and supported the event.

SDERA Bike Safety Lessons
Mr McKay, our Health teacher, yet again supported Your Move initiatives. During the first week of Term 4, he conducted the SDERA Bike Safety lessons with all classes across the school. Our students are well versed in how to be safe when riding and the rules and law associated with riding.

Staff Pimp Your Ride Competition
In Term 3 the call went out to all staff asking them to “Pimp Your Ride” and show us, in a creative manner, how they use fume friendly travel. We had some fantastic and inventive results. For Bike Month, these photos were placed around the undercover area and students were given a scavenger hunt sheet – there were questions about every photo they had to find the answers to. The final one asked them to vote for their favourite photo. The winner received a special prize from the Principal.

Design a Bike Helmet Competition
Our fabulous Art teacher, Mrs Labouchardiere, create a design a Bike Helmet Competition. This was run for a couple weeks at the end of Term 3 and was a feature of our Bike Month assembly. The entries were amazingly creative! We certainly have some creative students at Winterfold. The Your Move Team had a hard time choosing winners from each year group but they finally did! Mayor of Fremantle, Ms Hannah Fitzhardinge helped present prizes to our winners at our assembly.

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James (Your Move)

What a HUGE month of activities Julia! All the activities together (and the grant) earned you a whopping 195 points, and you also earned 30 points for your engaging story. I do wonder if the trolley means of transport will become a thing, but I suspect not 😆. I do like the idea of the staff role modelling AT in such a fun way!

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