Busy Start to Our Your Move Year

Julia Calvert

Holiday Network Meeting
Keeping up with our established routine, Annita from Bramfield Park and myself got together in the holidays to discuss Your Move for 2023. And if you are going to work in the holidays, at least have a nice lunch while you are doing it. I love these meetings we have as we both glean ideas from each other. We discussed how our committees will be formed for this year. The way I form my committee is an ever-evolving process – it is very popular and I don’t like to disappoint anyone. This year, I am making the rule that if a student belongs to any other committee, they aren’t allowed to be on mine. Last year, scheduling meetings that don’t clash with other committees became too challenging. We also looked at events for the year and discussed which ones we would be doing for the first term at least.

Sharing the Your Move
A few days into Term 1, I had a phone call from the principal from Fremantle Primary School. He had received my name from a Fremantle Councillor and had been told that he should contact me to find out about the Your Move program. I love sharing the program with others. We had a long conversation about the benefits of the program – self funded, rewards and grants. I also forwarded a link to Winterfold’s Your Move page so that he can see the type of stories that earn the points. We ended with the possibility of Fremantle joining Your Move in Term 2.

New Website Feedback
In March, I had the honour of providing some feedback on the Your Move website prototype. I love the new look and features. It is great that YM want feedback from participants to ensure that the website is functional and easy to use. I look forward to the launch of the new website in 2024.

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James (Your Move)

I really like how you have created this informal planning network with Annita, and also how you have spread the YM word to Freo PS - some great capacity building going on there. Thanks Julia 😁! You have earned 50 points for helping out with the focus session on the website, 25 points for your networking meeting and 20 points for an engaging and detailed story.

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