Competition Winners, Planning and Celebrations

Julia Calvert

Today was a busy day for Your Move at Winterfold. It was the due date for our Finish the Drawing Competition and we had to choose the winners. We had an abundance of entries and it was definitely difficult choosing winners. We eventually were able to choose a winner, runner up and two honourable mentions from each block.

In addition to choosing winners, announcing them and delivering prizes we also held our wrap up the term meeting. We looked at what we had achieved and penciled in an agenda for next terms planning meeting, which included our next Winterfold It's Your Move newsletter.

Finally, we celebrated all we had achieved so far this term with some tasty treats. Despite COVID interrupting our plan, we have still managed to achieve Gold accreditation and are hoping to get to Platinum in the first half of next term - we are only about 70 points off and have one further story to post this week!

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James (Your Move)

I love the look of those entries Julia. What was does the text say on the sheet? You have earned 15 points for your competition, plus 10 points for sharing all the details. It is great to hear you celebrated your success so far and have Platinum accreditation well within your sights. See you soon!

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Thanks James. The text was just the instructions - there was a sun and two wheels and they had to finish the drawing. And the rest of the text was where to put their entries And the due date. We got some creative entries!

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