Disappointing Travel Survey Results

Julia Calvert
Winterfold Primary School

Despite a successful Bike Month that saw our bike racks overflowing with bikes, we recorded a very disappointing result from our Hands Up Survey today. Our numbers are down from earlier this year and from the same time last year. My class discussed why this might be and we couldn’t come up with an adequate answer. The weather is fine although a little cool, there are no events, like swimming lessons, that would reduce the number of students riding and walking, and the effects of Bike Month should be still flowing. They suggested that we should have done the survey on Friday, when we had our Dress Up Your Bike Competition. Our results would have been sensational then; however, it would not be an accurate reflection of our day to day travel. We are hoping that this is just a fluke and I am considering asking teachers to do another survey later in the week.

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