Dressing up for National Ride2School Day

Julia Calvert

Winterfold Primary School celebrated National Ride2School Day with a Dress Up Your Bike Competition.

The netball court was ablaze with colour and costumes as the students spent the first half hour before the bell riding around the circuit. We had a few minor collisions due to all the excitement but on the whole, it was a safe and fun activity.

Our lovely sport teacher Mr Wotherspoon set up a speaker and a play list for students to ride along to. We had a huge contingent of parents watching and cheering them all on.

I was really impressed with the effort that some students went to. We had an array of colour, animals, aliens and much more.

This was followed with assembly and presentation of prizes for runner ups and winners chosen by the Your Move Committee. One of the fabulous benefits of having such a large committee is that I do very little other than co-ordinate. My committee were handing out stickers and spot prizes, ensuring students rode around the right circuits (PP – Yr 3 on the inner circuit and Yr 4-6 on the outer circuit) and ensuring everyone was travelling in the right direction.

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James (Your Move)

Your photos do a fantastic job of capturing the day - thanks Julia! If I see correctly, you also have a stencil saying "Free Parking" next to your jam packed bike racks - is that a Your Move item or did someone else produce that? Either way I like it! Great to hear that you are getting lots of support from your committee and clearly from Mr Wotherspoon too. Your bike day earned you 40 points, plus 10 for the Dress Up Your Bike event, and a final 10 points for sharing so many details.

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Thanks James. Yes, the Free Parking sign came with our grant last year - the bike racks and signs. This is definitely a well supported event from both parents and students. I overheard two parents talking about it with praise. And to be honest, it's a fun way to start the morning - gets everyone in a good mood!

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