End of Year Wrap Up

Julia Calvert
Winterfold Primary School

So it has come to the end of the year - well, close enough. We held our last committee meeting today and reflected on our year working together - the good and the bad.

First, the bad. Our application for the crossing guard was not successful, however it was a good experience. Also, our attempt to get a walking school bus didn't take off. But we are not discouraged!

Now for the good news! Our 'Dress up Your Bike' day was a fabulous success with a massive turnout. We celebrated Walk Safely to School Day and created the Ten Tiny Things Competition which was another huge success. We also completed an Infrastructure Audit and started our Fume Free Fridays which we will be continuing next year.

But the good news continues! We have also enjoyed incursions from Constable Care and RAC Little Legends - these were both well received and the feedback from teachers and students was all positive. We still have the TransPerth Get on Board incursion next week for the Year 6 students.

But our best good news was the installation of the scooter rack earlier in the year and, just recently, receiving a platinum grant and getting our new bike racks! Everyone is super impressed by these and we have had a slight rise in bikes at school. We enjoyed our reflections and celebrating all our successes!

Our final discussion point was about next year. I have been very fortunate to have such a large committee however most of them are Year 6 and are heading off to high school next year. This means I need to establish a whole new committee and I already have plans to hit the ground running!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for posting your very positive reflection on the year Julia. It does seem that on balance it was a great year for YM at Winterfold. I look forward to hearing about your upcoming incursion and, next year, your new team! You earned 15 points for this reflection activity, plus a 20 point bonus for packing the story full of details.

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Thanks for your reflections. You truly have done so much! Wishing your year 6 students all the very best for their next adventure in high school (maybe they can take the YM movement with them!), and we look forward to seeing what direction your new student team take the program in 2020. Enjoy a well deserved break :)

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