Fabulous New Bike Racks!!

Julia Calvert
Winterfold Primary School

Today's Fume Free Friday was extra exciting as we unveiled our BRAND NEW BIKE RACKS thanks to our PLATINUM YOUR MOVE GRANT! Yes, we are very excited here at Winterfold Primary. Even more exciting was to see that there are more bikes at school today that usual - I'm going to have to get more bike racks! We have even installed some for the parents (photo was taken after school started and therefore parents had left and the racks were empty).

Our installer, Liam, was brilliant and we are very impressed with how quickly the process was from applying for the grant to installation. We look forward to seeing him again next year for our next lot of installations - hopefully some shelters! Double PLATNIUM here we come!!

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Build them & they will come (bike racks that is!) Julia, they look great & aren't those Connecting Schools Grants just the ticket (to great things)? Onwards to Double Platinum, go Winterfold PS!

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James (Your Move)

Julia - as far as I'm aware Winterfold is the first school in YM to have installed bike parking especially for parents. That is a really innovation, so you have earned 15 bonus points for that on top of the standard 80 points for installing the parking. It's great to hear that your FFFs are going strong and have benefited too from the improved bike parking. Yes, we at Your Move work hard to smooth out the systems to make accessing such rewards as simple as possible - thanks for the feedback.

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