Fantastic Your Move Professional Learning

Julia Calvert

While most other teacher dropped everything and began their relaxing holidays, a group of us Your Movers logged in to attend the Your Move PL. What great timing YM had – catch us on first day of holidays before we switched off and it was a very rewarding PL to attend as well.

Tepi McLaughlin from Telethon Kids Institute di a fabulous keynote speech. I wrote a lot of notes from that one and took a lot of quick photos of the screen. I will be including some of his information in our Walk Safely to School Day promotions.

We then had some small group sessions to discuss our ideas, what works and challenges. It was great to be able to network with other Your Move champions and hear about their journeys.

Finally, we had some Ted Talk style presentations from some champions to hear about successes they had. This was inspiring and although not all these ideas will work for my school, I took bits and pieces that I could adapt and manipulate to fit my situation.

Overall, it was well worth the effort of sitting in my kitchen and tuning in, although I do prefer in person. This is the second YM PL I have attended and have walked away from both feeling inspired by my fellow champions and excited about the next part of my journey. I would thoroughly recommend everyone take up the opportunity!

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