First Team Meeting for Term 2

Julia Calvert

With Walk Safely to School day looming, I thought it was time I got my team together for the term. We met during lunch and discussed where we are up to. We celebrated the fact that we have achieved Gold accreditation already! Then we looked at the stories we have posted this term.

We then discussed the competitions we have planned. We decided to postpone out 10 Tiny Things competition until the warmer weather is back and instead decided to go with a word search for the rainy weather.

We planned out WS2SD including having some team members handing out tattoos in the morning, others helping with the Slow Bike Race at lunch time and sorting out what prizes we will give.

This team is very proactive with ideas and opinions and working well together.

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James (Your Move)

It sounds like a great combination of outcomes Julia - some good planning and celebration done 🎉! You have earned 10 points for you team meeting this term and another 10 for sharing all the goings-on.

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