Fremantle Council come through

Julia Calvert

Awhile ago, the Your Move team let the Fremantle Council know that grass was encroaching on the footpaths at the front of the school. The picture below shows the before photos of pathways around our school. This made it hard for students to walk next to each other, also for scooters and riders using the path. We are very happy to see that over the holidays the council have come and cropped back the grass leaving a lovely wide footpath for everyone to use. They had quite a lot to do too! Thanks Fremantle Council.

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James (Your Move)

Nice work Julia and the crew from City of Freo 😁. I can't believe those 'before' shots though 😮. You have earned 30 points for collaboration with the City of Freo to improve this barrier to active travel and another 10 for your engaging story details.

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