This year the Winterfold Your Move Committee is trying to decrease the amount of people who take cars to school. Our awesome committee members consist of: Ffion, Mischa, Jasmine, Abigail, Jesse, Maurice, Noah, Liam, Ella, Elise and Jazmia.

The first event we will be holding is the celebration of the bicycles 200th anniversary. We will run a lunch time activity where students dress up a vehicle that doesn't run on electricity or fuel. There will be an obstacle course also. We will be holding this on the netball court at lunch time on the 29th June. Community members such as family and friends will be invited.

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Katy (Your Move)

Hi Kristie, Sounds like a wonderful new Committee has been formed for Your Move at your school. Thanks for giving us some details on what your 29 June event included - we'd love to see some photos or video footage of the day. For more points you could also share with us the number of your students who walked, rode, scooted or took public transport to school on this day, how many parents came along and their roles and how many teachers took part!

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