Half Day Teacher Relief Bonus!

Julia Calvert

How great is the half day teacher relief? Initially, I thought I wouldn’t be able to fill half a day just with Your Move stuff – but I did!

First up, I gathered some members of my committee and looked at the posters they had created for our National Ride to School Day Dress Up Your Bike Competition. We made sure they had all the relevant information on them then colour copied them and created a script for students to read when presenting the posters to classes. We distributed these posters around the school.

Next we organise prizes for the competition. We have accrued a collection of items and set up prize packs for Junior and Senior, runners up and winners. These were chosen and packed ready to present. We also decided on some spot prizes of stickers, slap straps and a few other random small items we have.

We decided on the course for the dress up the bike competition. It is being held on the netball court with the juniors riding around the inner circuit and seniors around the outer circuit. We made sure we had enough cones to set up early for the course. I reminded the committee of all the jobs that need to be done that morning and that they need to be at school early to help with these jobs.

We checked the 2020 Schools Calendar Planner emailed out by Your Move and decided on future events we want to take part in. We decided on Walk Safely to School Day in Term 2 and World Car Free day in Term 3. We added these to our school’s Term planner whiteboards and made a note to plan these in future meetings.

Finally, I had to make a few phone calls. Firstly, to the Bicycle Network as we hadn’t received the National Ride to School Day pack. They told me it was being sent out and would arrive before next Friday. Then I rang the local paper to ensure they were coming out to do a story on our competition and confirmed this.

After all that, I was ready for the weekend!

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James (Your Move)

We're glad to hear you got a pleasant surprise Julia! Your detailed outline of your planning session has earned you 25 points plus 10 for the helpful level of information. Looking forward to seeing those plans come to fruition!

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