The Winterfold Your Move Committee were super excited to see the culmination of weeks’ worth of work with the release of the first ever ‘Winterfold it’s Your Move’ newsletter.

This is a newsletter solely dedicated to fume friendly travel to school. Students on the committee decided what would feature in the newsletter and then they wrote the articles. There are stories about events, interviews with fume friendly staff and a competition. We had so many ideas that some had to be put off until the next newsletter. We will be producing one every term.

We also had an article about our Slow Bike Race in our regular school newsletter.

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James (Your Move)

This is absolutely brilliant! I'm certain that Winterfold is the first school to have created a newsletter dedicated to all things Your Move - and so you have earned 30 'innovation' points on top of the 22 points for your promotion of active travel (scored in the previous story). You also got 22 points for your story in the regular school newsletter. I love it!

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Thanks James. Not all the listed activities suit us so we are making up some of our own! :) Kids were so excited - I had to actually reign them in a little, otherwise the newsletter would have been 10 pages long!

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David (Your Move)

Great work Winterfold! This is such a good read! I love the staff interviews.

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