HUGE Bike Month at Winterfold

Julia Calvert
Winterfold Primary School

It has been a busy Your Move Bike Month at Winterfold Primary School. We have never celebrated Bike Month before but decided we would give it our all this year.

Weekly Surprise Slow Bike Races
Every week we held surprise slow bike races. It was on a different day each week to keep students guessing and to entice them to ride every day. We had huge turn outs for the first few weeks but then … we had a student v staff race which I did advertise! This term we are having a number of staff v student sport competitions at lunch time – volleyball, netball, basketball, bocce, golf and dodgeball – so I decided to add a slow bike race to the mix. Despite the rain, students turned up in huge numbers hoping to beat the staff. And they did! Their skills of barely moving while still moving certainly out did the staff abilities. The rain didn’t bother Miss Calvert though – she has a fabulous Your Move umbrella keeping her dry!

Grant: Surprise BBQ Breakfast for Bikers
I took a punt and applied for a small grant from WestCycle for Bike Month. We were so excited when our $250 grant was approved. We used the money for a Surprise BBQ Breakfast for Bikers. I kept the date a secret as I wanted to reward those who ride regularly. Scarvaci IGA and The Grocer and The Chef have previously donated to Ride to School Day and Runners Club so I thought I would pay back their generosity by purchasing the food for the breakfast from them. Principal, Mr Berry, and Deputy, Mr Hodge, did a great job running the BBQ while Your Move Committee members handed out drinks, fruit, stickers and tattoos. It was a fabulous way to start the day.

Dress Up Your Bike Competition
We ended the month with our annual Dress Up Your Bike Competition. This day was advertised so we had a HUGE number of creative and brightly coloured bikes turn up. This event is always well attended by students and families. Parents love the opportunity to come along and chat while watching the kids have fun.

There was also a lot of classroom lessons happening but there is too much information to add here. That story is coming soon!

So it has been a jammed packed Bike Month! It was great to see both staff and students get behind all the activities and events over this month and support all the hard work done by the Winterfold Your Move Committee.

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James (Your Move)

Julia, you and the Winterfold YM Committee have done a great job of keeping engagement high throughout bike month 🤩. I see you even got E.T. back out on a bike - well done 🤣. I really like the idea of the mystery slow bike races and breakfast too - that has earned you a bonus 20 'outstanding' points, as a way of keeping interest high over the month. You have also earned 40 points for your Bike Month breakfast, 40 points for getting the grant and 20 points for your Dress Up event. Finally there are 20 points for another engaging edition from Winterfold.

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