Infrastructure Audit Complete!!

Julia Calvert

Winterfold have completed our Infrastructure Audit! Phew!! It was bigger than I anticipated. My class and I wandered around, recording every detail and found a few things that needed immediate attention.

Two of the 40km/h signs are obstructed by trees - one is completely covered and not visible! Also, the grass is growing across the footpaths reducing their widths. Work orders have been placed and we are told these will be corrected within 10 working days!

We also think the footpaths are not wide enough for two way traffic or to cater for both pedestrians and bikers. This one needs a written submission so we shall be working on that in the coming weeks.

Traffic at the front of the school remains a problem resulting in cars parking on verges and across footpaths. This is an ongoing problem that we are trying to solve by getting more students to walk/ride/scoot to school. Some changes are also going to be made by the council and they will have rangers patrolling the area.

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James (Your Move)

A great and worthwhile effort Winterfold YM team! It seems you have a good relationship with your local government - great that they are actioning some items within 10 days. You received 40 points automatically for linking the story to the correct activity and I have also given you a bonus 10 points for sharing the details of your audit.

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