Kick Starting Term 2 - Walk Safely to School Day

Julia Calvert

With pretty much all students back at school, it was time to kick start Your Move for Term 2.

Planning Meeting
We held our planning meeting this week on Wednesday. The YM Committee is pretty popular and we welcomed 3 new members – bringing our total to 23!! It sounds like too much but they all attend all meetings and all contribute to the discussions and ideas. We planned 3 things for this term:
1. National Walk Safely to School Day – although it has been postponed nationally, we decided we would still recognise it as most out students are at school.
2. World Bicycle Day – 1 June. We are planning a slow bike race for this day to happen during recess and lunch.
3. Your Move Newsletter – we want to produce one of these per term.

National Walk Safely to School Day
Although this event has been postponed nationally due to COVID 19, we decided we still wanted to recognise it at Winterfold. We had lots of stickers left over from previous years that we wanted to use up. One of the committee noticed that last year’s stickers kind of look like corona virus! :)

YM Committee members waited at the front of the school at a safe distance from the footpath to give students stickers as they entered. It was great to see so many walking all or part of the way to school, and great to see much less cars on the road outside the school.

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James (Your Move)

Great to see Winterfold firing up again (all 24 of you)! Fantastic that your team pulled together a special W2SD - everyone looks stoked about it. I also am very excited about your newsletter idea - can't wait to hear about the first edition. You have received 40 points for your W2SD event, 10 points for restarting your meetings for term 2 and 10 points for sharing so much information. See you soon!

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