Mulga Bill Activity in Room 10

Julia Calvert

Year 4 students in Room 10 started the year with Mulga Bill’s Bicycle by A.B. Paterson. They answered some comprehension questions on the poem first. Then completed a venn diagram comparing Mulga Bill’s first experience riding a bike to their own experience and followed this up with drawings of their own version of bikes. We had some interesting creations being drawn!

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James (Your Move)

That would have been a great lesson to witness! Just image if Mulga Bill had had some Bike Ed - Australian literature would have been so different 😆. Personally, after having a donkey for 5 years, I would definitely choose a bike over a equine variation! You have earned 15 points for this activity plus another 10 for sharing the details and giving me a giggle. Have a great day end of the week Julia!

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Donkey!!! Love it!!

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