New sign, New Sticker!! Yay!!

Julia Calvert

There was great excitement around Winterfold PS as we received our new sign! Our last one had graffiti on it and our lovely gardener/handyman/doeseverythingman, Tony, wasn't able to get it off, no matter what he tried. I did manage to get the previous stickers off the old sign and re-stick them to the new sign - such a relief! And Tony wasted no time in swapping the signs over for us.

We don't have many students at school today (the picture is just a few of today's attendees) but it didn't stop our excitement. We had a big celebration presenting our new sign and placing our latest sticker on it - PLATINUM!

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James (Your Move)

Good to see you are hanging in there at Winterfold! I'm glad the replacement sign all worked out - and well done for recycling the old stickers. Yes, you may be a little short on numbers at the moment but judging by the photo, the kids that are there certainly have a high enthusiasm factor! Your celebration activity has earned you 15 points.

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