Productive Committee Meeting

Julia Calvert
Winterfold Primary School

Yesterday’s committee meeting was a little different. After recapping Bike Month, discussing the disappointing survey results and talking about the Platinum grant and what we will be getting, I had students do a graffiti activity.

As this committee are all Year 6 and will be heading off to high school next year, I wanted to know a few things. Large sheets of paper were set up around the room with markers and the following questions:

1. The best thing about being on the Your Move Committee is …
2. You should join the Your Move Committee because …
3. Ideas for future events / competitions / activities / changes
4. Questions I should ask when selecting the next committee.
5. Advice to the next committee.

The results were interesting and will help me to form and cultivate a committee that are motivated, innovative and dedicated. Also, future committees will be mixed year levels so that when the Year 6 students on the committee leave, the remaining year levels can train the incoming members.

There will be lots of planning going on during school holidays to ensure next year’s Your Move Committee are as good as this year’s.

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Love the questions Julia & WPS Your Movers. We always aim to do a handover by the end of the year where the outgoing Team brainstorms with the incoming Team. At that session we also "handover" TAGs (Tip, Advice, Good wish). These have been written by each member of the Team & are part of the reflections on what each "got out" of being in the Team & what each learnt along the way.

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Hey Arlene. More great ideas!! I never thought about having one committee to hand over to the other - and frankly, I am too tired this year to get that underway, but I may take it on next year. We still have our full year reflection to come. That will be a long meeting as it has been a busy year! Might have to invite you to our next High Tea and pick your brains for ideas :)

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James (Your Move)

I love it Julia! Thanks so much for outlining your simple but engaging way of tapping the knowledge of your team to help get the new team on board. You have earned 10 points for your Term 4 meeting, plus 20 points for clearly outlining this activity.

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All good, Julia. This is the beauty of YM; the sharing of ideas & tweaking them to suit each situation! No wonder you are tired; your WPS has achieved much this year. Well done! Every year we aim to have a mix of 5s & 6s so that the 5s can carry on the following year. Alas the plan usually falls in a heap because our 5s generally pick up other leadership roles. Much can be said for the good grounding YM gives!

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