Room 9 Investigate Helmets

Julia Calvert

This week the Year 3’s and 4’s discussed bike safety in support of the “dress up your bike” competition. The students investigated how helmets have changed over time and critiqued the designs of some helmets before designing their own. They also participated in a quiz which tested their knowledge of the safety rules and laws set for riders of bikes, scooters and motorbikes. This quiz prompted an interesting debate about consequences for people who don’t follow the rules. However, we all agreed that bike safety is serious and if people do not act safely, lives could be put in danger!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Julia - thanks for sharing this part of your implementation of the SDERA Road Safety program. Nice idea to link it in with the recent Dress Up Your Bike event. Although the overall road safety program was scored in your previous story for term 1, these extra details have earned you 10 points.

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