Runners Club Supports Your Move

Julia Calvert
Winterfold Primary School

WPS Runners Club started this week with a great turn out. Mr Wotherspoon, our Sport Teacher, is a great supporter of the work Your Move does around the school and continues to support us through the Runners Club. Students had to be ready to run at 7.55am. They were encouraged to walk or ride to school first as a warm up and prizes for runners have been donated by the Your Move Committee. We are anticipating an even bigger turn out next week! This is the first Your Move activity at WPS that wasn't organised by the YM Committee and we are hoping we will see more in the coming months.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Julia and Mr Wotherspoon - great idea to promote AT to warm up for the running club - it has earned you 25 points! Do you know how many students did arrive by AT?

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Thanks James. Unfortunately, at the conclusion we handed out some prizes, took a photo and finished right on the bell so forgot to ask! As I am the hand stamper for laps, I will try to remember to ask them as they run by next week.

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