Safe Routes to School Map! Done!!

Julia Calvert
Winterfold Primary School

We are so excited that this is finally done and ready to send out to parents! Earlier in the year, we claimed a bonus for having reached Silver Accreditation so early. We chose the Map Safe Routes to School.

It was a long process, starting with mapping all the traffic lights, crossings and park and walk areas. This was then sent back and West Cycle mapped out some safe routes for students to take to school and sent it back to us again. My fabulous committee looked over these routes and gave some feedback and we sent it back again.

In the meantime, we got some quotes from students about riding and walking to school, took their photos and a photo of the school and the front page of the flyer was created.

The best part was yet to come! Jethro from Cycle West came out with paint and brushes. We had 2 groups over 2 days walking around the school and painting the pavement with giant blue feet and red stop signs! This took a while to organise as it had to be a sunny day (we haven’t had many of them lately!) and no rain for 2 days. Thankfully, we picked the right days.

Our Safe Routes to School flyers are now being printed. Each current family at the school will be sent an electronic copy. A copy will also be placed on the website and all new families will receive a copy in their welcome pack.

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These Access maps are so good aren't they? Well done, WPS & all the Your Movers! Great effort with all the stencils; all "bases" covered I think.

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