So it's the end of a very looooong term. Reports are done. Everyone is tired. So obviously it is the perfect time to stimulate classes with some Your Move lessons!

My class of Year 5/6 students thoroughly enjoyed me reading them 'Ten Tiny Things'. When finished, I asked them what they liked about the book. Some said the pictures (and they are great illustrations) but most made comments about the message in the story and how much we miss in life by racing through the quickest way. It was great to hear how deeply they were thinking about the story.

I then sent them on a scavenger hunt, using the Your Move lesson worksheet. I thought that it might be a little bit of a 'young' activity for my upper school class; however, they absolutely loved it. I gave them a time limit and they all came back eager to show what they had collected.

We finished off the lesson by writing a one paragraph reflection about how they came to school and why, what they saw or missed and why it was important to promote walking and riding to school.

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Julia, just love this book! Nice one class; glad you really got into the spirit of things with TTTs. (I've been know to throw in a maths activity with tallying up of the collections!) By the way, did you know that both the author & illustrator are local people?

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Thanks Arlene! and no I didn't know that - but it has given me some ideas....

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James (Your Move)

Yes, nice work Julia - and thanks for really making it clear how you ran this activity and how you linked in active travel (that earned you a bonus 20 points, on top of the 25 for the activity). I think that book has such appeal to all age groups - and not in the least for adults😊 .

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