Scooter Rack and Parent Survey

Julia Calvert

We’ve had a few things happening with our Your Move Committee lately.

Firstly, our scooter rack has been installed. We now have space for 12 scooters to be stored and locked safely. We announced this at a recent assembly, as well as including in the newsletter, to a very excited student body.

Our student committee also met. We have a dreadful traffic problem out the front of our school during drop off and pick up times and in an effort to combat this we decided to survey our parents to ask them what would influence them to choose a fume friendly way to travel to school. As a committee we came up with some questions. I then met with a parent who is also passionate about alleviating the traffic problem and we had a very productive conversation with lots of ideas presented. With all this information, we designed a survey using Survey Monkey and sent this out to all parent with the newsletter.

Now we sit back and wait for the responses to come in. Once we collate all of these we will be making some plans of actions for the rest of the year!

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James (Your Move)

It seems the Winterfold PS YM team has been quietly beavering away in April and May - thanks for such a jam packed update. You automatically got 22 points for your newsletter promo, but I've also just given you lots of extras - 80 for installing scooter parking, 30 for your T2 YM assembly item, 10 for your T2 team meeting and 60 for getting your survey set up, plus a final bonus 10 for the level of detail. Make sure you let us know the findings of the survey!

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I love this proactive approach to tackling congestion at your school gates. Creating a parent survey to help guide your planning and engaging a passionate parent are all great steps towards swapping cars for bikes, scooters and feet on the way to and from school. Nice work!

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