SDERA Lessons for Road Safety Week

Julia Calvert

I asked our wonderful Health / PE Teacher, Mr McKay, to do some SDERA lessons for National Road Safety Week ... and he didn't disappoint!

Across the week the Pre Primary and Year 1 classes focused on the importance of buckling up. We read one book where different characters were imagining they were in different situations while being in their booster seat (rocket ship, roller coast, riding a camel). We then read a book about the importance of animals also being restrained.

Yr 2-3 we looked at rules of being a passenger. We discussed why we have rules in general and how they apply to being a passenger in various forms of transport. Students needed to come up with 3 rules they needed to abide by when being a passenger in a car, bus and train.

Yr 5/6 we discussed the various factors involved in road accidents. Students created a table of Human, Environmental and Vehicle factors that contribute to crashes. We then did a case study where students needed to identify the various elements involved in the crash. The questions involved in the case study gave time for critical thinking as students were asked to identify how characters within the case study would cope/feel after the accident.

And to thank him, I presented him with a fabulous Your Move umbrella!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing this excellent effort by Mr McKay, Julia. Please let him know that he has earned the school 60 points for running these road safety lessons this term and 20 bonus points for including so many classes 😊. I think I need to go back to school though as I don't quite understand what 'kerfity' means (eg "don't kerfity on the bus") 🤔. You too have earned another 20 points for your engaging story on Mr McKay's efforts.

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