Slow Bike Obstacle Course

Julia Calvert

Last day of term means FUN DAY!! The Winterfold Your Move Team hosted a slow bike race - but we did it a bit different today with some weaving in and out of cones. This increased the degree of difficulty and the excitement. There was a huge crowd cheering them along.

We also trialled a scooter competition. Our scooter riders were allowed to build up some speed over a short distance, then had to glide along to the finish line. This was also muchly enjoyed and we will be bringing this in for future fun days ... and it may even fill those scooter racks so we can get another set!

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James (Your Move)

So much more fun than a Disney film for the last day wind down 🥳. You have earned 30 points for this end of term activity and 10 points for sharing the details of how it went. I like how you have found a way for kids on scooters to participate too. Have a wonderful break Julia and see you next term 😊.

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