Spreading the Word to the Fremantle Network

Julia Calvert

I do enjoy a bit of healthy competition. With that in mind, I checked to see how many in the Fremantle Network of Schools were members of Your Move. Of the 13 schools, only 3 are current members. I decided to host a Your Move information presentation meeting. I also invited the Catholic school which abuts our school. There was a fair amount of interest although some were not able to make the day and time.

I began the presentation with research from The Declining Rate of Walking and Riding to School Report (2021) and The What Australia Wants Survey (2020/21). Then moved onto the benefits of the program.

I then gave information about how the program works - hands up surveys, activities, stories, points, accreditation, rewards, incursions, excursions, grants and awards. I added a lot about Winterfold's journey with Your Move and what we have gained through it and how easy it was to link to the curriculum. Easier still with the resources and lessons available on the YM website.

Those present eagerly took notes and photos - until I told them I would send through the slides! We held the meeting in the staffroom right next to our bike racks and shelters so participants also went out to view and photograph them. There was a lot of excitement and eagerness so hopefully we will see a few new schools added. A request was made to stay in contact and share ideas so I started a Teams group for Your Move and uploaded the slides and some documents.

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James (Your Move)

Nice one Julia 😁! Thanks so much for sharing the joys of Your Move with your Freo Network colleagues. It looks like you put together a super presentation. You have earned 25 points for attending the network, 20 'outstanding' points for the efforts you put into the presentation, and another 20 points for all the details you have shared. Have a brilliant weekend 😊.

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Love this initiative Julia! 🥰 I’m taking notes too!

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Thanks James!

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

Brilliant stuff Julia! What a champion 🎊. Which schools showed interest / attended?

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