Surprise .. another slow bike race!

Julia Calvert
Winterfold Primary School

The sun finally showed up on Friday and the bike racks were starting to fill again. So the Winterfold Your Move Committee called a SURPRISE slow bike race! We had so many riders that we had to run a junior and a senior race. Our YM Team were out in their hi viz vest and using the signs from our grant package to make sure that no one broke the speed limit! Our winners were Lachlan, Eva and Tom for the juniors and Evie, Banjo and Nick for the seniors.

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James (Your Move)

I like how you used the 'slow' signs - that first photo catches a great moment 😊. How much of a surprise was it? Did the students only find out on the day? If so it is great news that you had so many students with their bikes on hand. You have earned 30 points for your slow bike race event plus 10 points for creating an engaging story.

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James, it was a big surprise. It is only decided on the day as a reward for those students who ride to school regularly. We plan to do this a couple times a term on different day, this was a Friday, the next might be a Wednesday. I found that if I advertise it, I get hundreds of bikes that are not regularly there. This way, the students who move regularly get the fun!

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