We finally managed to get our Term 3 planning meeting done! There are so many lunch time activities going on that it is hard to find a day when we are all free. With today's downpour at lunch time, the committee were quite happy to come into my warm classroom.

We discussed the activities we have on our list for this term and realised we have a busy September coming! We have Walk Safely to School Day and World Car Free Day which are both in September. We already did the Walk day but we are more than happy to do it a second time and continue the promotion. We also have incursions booked in September - Constable Care for Kindy and RAC for the rest of the school.

Finally, we started talking about what will be in our next Your Move newsletter due at the end of this term. Some students were allocated assignments for this. We will have another meeting in 2 weeks to firm up all our arrangements. It's great to see that the committee's enthusiasm hasn't faded and they are still motivated for Your Move!

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James (Your Move)

Sounds like a very productive term 3 meeting Julia. September is certainly going to be jam packed with YM fun! For your meeting you have earned 10 points plus a bonus 10 for sharing all the details. Don't forget to share your school newsletter item once it is published!

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