It's the end of the term and time for the committee to celebrate our successes! As part of our grant, we received a sign package. We sent some of the items down to the kindy and they have sent us some photos of the students playing with the hard hats, wheelbarrow, spades and road signs. We also updated the Your Move notice board in the Library, hoping to inspire more classes to try some of the lessons. We didn't have as many Slow Bike Races as we wanted due to weather and the general busyness of the school over the last term. However, we are pretty happy with what we have achieved so far this year! We planned our first meeting for the first week of next term so we can hit the ground running and also has a little celebrate as we realised that this story will push us up to Platinum accreditation!! Woo hoo!!

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James (Your Move)

Well the team look pretty happy about their meeting - or it is because of end of term 😉? Great to hear that the signs package has already been tested by the kindy kids. Your team meeting has earned you 10 points for Term 2, plus 15 points for including a reflection activity. See you in Term 3!

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