The Winterfold YM Student Team are working hard

Julia Calvert

The Your Move Team have been hard at work at meetings. We met a couple of weeks ago and compared our hands up survey results to the Ride to School Day results. In this meeting we started looking at ways we could increase our regular days to meet our special days. The students had some great ideas that need a bit more fine tuning and we will be getting onto that in the coming weeks.

We met again last to organise Walk Safely to School Day. The plan was finalised and jobs allocated. We also planned a Ten Tiny Things Competition and whole school announcements about road safety rules every day for Road Safety Week. This team is working hard!

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Forgot to connect this to Term 2 regular meeting!!

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James (Your Move)

No problems Julia - easy done this end! Thanks for the update - the team have earned themselves 10 points and you have earned another 10 for all the details of what they have been up to. Can't wait to read the next story to see how it all turned out 😁!

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