Transport Graphing by Year 1

Julia Calvert

Year 1, Room 5, did a survey on how we travelled to school on Wednesday. We tallied the number of people who travelled by - car, bus, walk or bike. We recorded the data in bar graphs. Although there was a high number of children who travelled by car, I think it may have been due to rainy weather on the day we did the survey. We will repeat the survey next term when the weather has improved.

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Well done, Room 5 with your graphing. Love how YM permeates all sections of the school day! Now by adding together all the forms of AT I can see that AT gives cars a pretty good nudge.Look forward to the comparison on a fine day.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Julia - 41% active travel on a rainy day is not bad at all! By weaving active travel into your maths lesson you have earned 40 points (normally 15, but during term 2 we have boosted classroom activities to 40 points to help schools implement YMS during COVID-19). I love the cow sticker - what is he saying?

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Hey James. Thank you. Cow is just saying Well Done. I’m slowly getting the other teachers to do these lessons. One by one it’s happening.

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