TREK Survey Completed!

Julia Calvert

Last year I was approached from Anna from UWA and Telethon Kids Institute about a TRavel, Environment and Kids (TREK) Project. Winterfold participated in this study in 2007. They wanted to redo the study last year; however there was a problem with software compatibility. But, it is up and running this year. First we had to send out information to parents asking them to sign up to do an online survey themselves, and also sign permission forms for their child to do the survey at school. After much promotion, we then has a good sized group to proceed with the survey.

As the Your Move Champion, I volunteered to give up my precious DOTT time to conduct the survey with the students who had permission. I gathered them from their classes and off we went to the Library. Students completed the survey in about 40 mins (after solving some internet issues).

We are now eagerly awaiting the results which will take some time. Interestingly, in 2007 students stated that the school did not promote active travel. This should definitely have a different results this time around!

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James (Your Move)

Oh yes, it will certainly be interesting to see what differences there are since 2007! Great to know you had so many participants and that it could all be fit into 40 mins. You have earned a big 60 points for your facilitation of this survey participation, plus 10 for sharing all the details.

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